General 3PL Warehousing

Dedicated Space, in your facility or in ours

TPL maintains warehousing committed to contract (Dedicated) exclusive clients and also performs contract warehousing in client owned or leased space. Contract warehousing is a program where we focus exclusively on your needs and become your distribution arm, operating at your direction, in your facility or in ours, so you can focus on your core business.

Shared Space, is where your products are held in a multi-use facility alongside product from other clients, in turn saves you money

Rather than commit your company to a fixed amount of warehouse space, our scalable warehousing and distribution allows you to expand, grow, and change to fit your business needs. With competitive Pay-For-What-You-Use rate plans. This allows your business the flexability & commitment needed to grow your business without sacrificing customer service and commitment

Benifets of 3pl at Turning Point Logistics

  • Avoid long-term risk associated with building leases.
  • Scalable solutions to handle peak order volumes
  • Eliminate the need to hire staff, train, monitor performance, and handle the HR issues of health benifits, insurance, and BWC.
  • Impove your customer service, handle seasonal demands or regionally position inventory to expand your reach.
  • Enjoy guaranteed production levels and proven industry best-practices in distribution
  • Reduce freight and transportation cost.